NAAO Member meeting for September 2021.

NAAO Member meeting for October 2021.

5:45  Arrival, meet and greet
6:00  Call Meeting to Order & Review Agenda (Sung)
6:05  NAAO Update (Sung)

6:25  Special Guest (Tx. House of Representatives James Talarico)

Member of the Texas House of Representatives, Mr. Talarico's story and mission can be found here:

Voting takes place November 2nd!

6:50  Austin Asian Impact (Shubhada)

            - Introduce AAI team and Sonam Rehani

Sonam Rehani introduced us to Austin Asian Impact and discussed their purpose and goals. More information can be found here:

6:55  AARC update 
7:05  Update of AARC Phase II (Schiller)
7:15  AAPAC - Upcoming Election (Ashwin)
7:25  Other organizations update


18:27:06	 From  Sam Lee :
18:47:04	 From  Alex Pong : I will turn off my video to prepare for family dinner . I will keep listening
18:53:24	 From  James Talarico : 512-587-8961
18:53:31	 From  James Talarico :
19:06:30	 From  Sonam Rehani : Thank you for giving Austin Asian Impact an introduction. Please visit our website for more info :
19:22:27	 From  Leila Grace Pandy | AARC | She/Her : The AARC will also be a voting location on Nov 2nd.
19:38:21	 From  Leila Grace Pandy | AARC | She/Her : I have to hop off but it was great seeing everyone!

NAAO Member meeting for September 2021.

5:15  Arrival, meet and greet5:30  Capital Metro Presentation (Tabon Gardner, Andrew Benford, Diponker Mukherjee)- Capital Metro Public Safety program

Mr. Gardner gave a Public Safety Program Update. Discussed the initiatives moving forward to ensure safety to public, employees, and everyone involved.

Safety challenges discussed
1. Daily Operations & Service calls2. Special Events.3. Critical transit infrastructure.

3 Prong Approach Solution
1. Public safety ambassadors.2. Intervention specialists.3. Transit Police.

Top 5 Reasons for calls currently.1. General requests for assistance.2. Loitering3. Miscellaneous - no mask or mask related for example.4. Disturbance (verbal or physical)5. Welfare Check

Summary of board resolution
Engage a consultant to guide development and implementation. Develop a public safety advisory committee charter and appointment process for board consideration. Develop a staff training program.

Next steps. Report back on progress in early 2022 and periodically throughout implementation. Public safety consultant Chief Wanda Dunham.

6:30  Call Meeting to Order & Review Agenda (Sung)
6:35  NAAO Update (Sung)- Year-end Asian community culture event by NAAO - Membership due update (Lee)- Website update (Samuel Lee)
6:50  Guest Speaker (Mary Ann Espiritu)

Marry Ann is running for Judge of County Court at Law #5, "I promise to treat every person equally to ensure justice is accessible to all"

7:05  AARC update (Sona / Leila)7:15  Update of AARC Phase II (Schiller)7:20  AAPAC - Upcoming Election (Ashwin)7:25  Other organizations update

18:30:54 From  Sona Shah | AARC | (she/her) :

18:41:29 From  Mary Ann Espiritu :
18:46:12 From  Sona Shah | AARC | (she/her) : Thank you Mary Ann!
18:50:44 From  Leila Grace Pandy | AARC | She/Her : Artist Talk: Sherwin Rivera Tibayan -

Family Storytime Series -

Artist Reception - Oct 22 - TBD Registration Link

Stories from the South: Archiving Series for the Family!

Hyphenated - Book Club Meet Up -

19:02:51 From  Sona Shah | AARC | (she/her) :
19:28:57 From  Sona Shah | AARC | (she/her) : Spring sounds good. I need to head out, but great seeing you all!
19:33:15 From  Leila Grace Pandy | AARC | She/Her : Great seeing everyone! have a good evening!s

NAAO Member meeting for August 2021.

1) Preservation Austin's applications for Merit Awards is open 
I just joined the board and would like to include Asian places and spaces 2) AARO McBee Fellow applications are also open and we need Asian representation there too